Wood is separated from concrete by a plastic layer

A waterproof layer of plastic separates the concrete foundation from the first layer of wood.

The framing was securely bolted to the foundation, and key studs were securely braced.

Base of the framing is bolted to concrete
Example of stud bracing

The front wall of the basement went up.

Wooden I-beams supported the basement ceiling and the subfloor of the mainfloor above. Where these I-beams are connected to concrete walls, the wood is separated from the concrete by a plastic layer.

Framing on south and east walls of the basement Wooden I-beams connected to the basement wall.

Before long, the walls of the main floor began to take shape.

Walls of the main floor take shape above the basement Base of the front wall of the garage

Studs are typically placed 24 inches on-center, instead of the commonly used spacing of 18 inches.

Additional bracing is used exactly where it's needed, as determined by a structural engineer.

South and east walls of the main floor Framing on east wall of the main floor

The south-facing front wall of the great room was framed in.

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South-facing front wall of the great room Walls throughout the house are securely braced

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