Graveled road from base of the driveway to the well site
May 2007

Drilling the Well

In May 2007, it was time to drill a well so we could show we had water when we applied for the building permit.

To support the drilling truck and its support truck, we needed to widen the driveway into the drilling site, near the south side of our land, and put on a thick layer of course gravel.

Drilling the well
May 2007

Jerry Crabtree, of Crabtree Well Drilling, estimated -- based on his long experience working in this area -- that we would need to drill between 250 and 300 feet.

He brought in his truck and proceeded with the drilling process, adding pipe and casing as he went. Material drilled out was poured into a hole that they dug adjacent to the drill.

They drilled at a rate of about 50 feet per day.

Finally, at a depth of 253 feet, they struck a good layer of water.The well
May 2007

Water quality analysis showed that the water does have high levels of iron, but that's common in this area and is resolved by filtration.

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