More Framing

Ceiling joists for the main floor

Framing around the great room -- an open space extending from the main floor to the upper floor -- brings some complex challenges.

Beams support the spans across open areas, while wooden I-beams support ceilings of more intimate spaces.

Ceiling joists connect with headers
Beams connect with framing of the upper floor

Beams also span openings for windows.

At the rear of the house, the main floor is on grade A beam spans the opening for a sliding door

Roof lines are complex.

A more gently-sloped shed roof on the north side allows for more living space on the upper floor.

The west wall takes shape More gently sloped shed roof adds complexity to roof lines

Workers used temporary walkways as they raised the beams and roof joists.

Walkways spanning the open space of the great room Main floor ceiling joists connect to a beam bordering the open space of the great room

The upper floors took shape, enclosing the great room.

These photos taken on June 28 show how the roof overhang shades the great room. More shading will be provided by a shed roof to be built over the entry area.

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Looking up from the main floor to the upper floor; stairway down to the basement Looking down into the great room from the upper floor

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