Dan Williams and his assistant from Sunset Electric did a great job with the complex task of wiring.

Color-coded wires were strung everywhere.

Electrical wiring

They carefully met our requirements, such as providing EnergyStar-certified exhaust fans in the bathrooms, providing motion detectors on outdoor lights, and wiring an exhaust fan to the garage door opener, so any fumes will be exhausted.

Electrically operated skylight in the ceiling of the great room

They wired two of the skylights in the high ceiling of the great room so they can be opened or closed remotely, and so their sensors will automatically close them if rains while we're away from home.

Electrical wiring
Ditch with utility lines from service box to the well

By late August, ditches were excavated to run the electrical wiring, phone lines, and water pipes from the utility box to the well and up to the house.

Ditch with utility lines to the house

Propane lines were also connected for the gas range and for the two on-demand hot water heaters.

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Propane lines for the gas range

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