South-facing roof

The roof not only protects the home from the weather, but it's also part of the home's environmental system.

Although it's not easy to see in these photos, the south and west-facing areas of roof are medium brown color, while the north- and east-facing roof areas are dark brown.

Assembling roof panels on the south-facing roof

This serves to reflect more heat away from the home on the warmer sides, reducing the "heat island" effect that results from the concentrated heat-absorbing surfaces of most human-built areas. In contrast, it's useful for the darker roof on the cooler side of the house to absorb available heat.


Dark brown north-facing roof

A bank of 15 solar panels were installed on the sunniest area of the south-facing roof.

We also have the wiring ready so another bank of solar panels can be installed later on the other half of the south-facing roof.

It's not necessary to have a treeless "sunny lot" in order to have photovoltaic energy.

Solar panels

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