Water Stewardship

The steps that we're taking for water stewardship include:

  • Rainwater collection: Water is collected from the roof and piped to two large cisterns for use in the yard in summertime

  • Reduced demand for irrigation water: Our landscaping is almost entirely native plants, which are adapted to the dry summer weather. There is no lawn. There is very little need for irrigation water except the container vegetable and flower garden on our deck (where the garden isn't accessible to deer!)

  • All toilets are dual-flush WaterSense-certified Kohler "Persuade"

  • WaterSense faucets

    Showering represents about 17% of residential indoor water use in the US -- more than 1.2 trillion gallons of water consumed each year. The US Environmental Protection Agency is working on developing standards for high-efficiency WaterSense-rated showerheads.

  • We're currently searching for a dishwasher that uses less than 6 gallons per cycle

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