Materials and Resources

Material-efficient Framing

The studs are generally spaced at 24" on-center. A structural engineer consulted on the design, and additional strength is provided only where it's needed. In three specific locations, a wood Simpson "Stong-Wall" was used.

A detailed cut list was provided to the lumber provider, so we didn't get more wood than was needed for the project.

Construction Waste Management

Instead of just taking all of the construction waste to the dump, we sort it and are diverting at least 85% of it.

We're tracking the weights of materials that go to each of these places, and will report them here when the project is complete.

Recycling resources in Kitsap County...

Environmentally Preferable Products

Materials used in the home include:

Maple and alder from the site, milled on site and used for flooring, cabinetry, and window and door framing.

Vetrazzo countertops, made recycled glass

Salvaged interior doors from Second Use in nearby Seattle

Formaldehyde-free "Blown-In Blanket" (BIBs) fiberglass insulation

  • See what Bob Vila has to say about BIBs insulation.

Simpson Strong-Walls are used exactly where they're needed Waste is sorted for recycling Emu composting facility
Recycling our wood at the Emu composting facility Maple and alder trees were milled on site

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